Our mission is to connect lifestyle choices with blockchain technology by creating digital currency to answer, what’s your BRAND EQUITY worth?

Our team is uniquely creative and experienced in growing lifestyle brands using technology and marketing. Our blockchain allows us to now quantify that success for your business using the NILA token or your own token. A token is cryptocurrency; digital money with encryption, anonymity, decentralization and security. With the evolution of digital wallets and cashless payment systems, blockchain technology is being implemented across every Fortune 500 company to new start-ups. Together, if we invested into your brand equity, everybody from customers to stakeholders can participate in the growth.


We will consult and help manage your token on the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum Networks. By executing our proven strategies, you’re brand equity will be increased and quantified through your own digital currency.


NILA is accepting pre-sale purchases of our token. Our liquidity is locked and managed to circulate supply and market cap increases. We require a 90 day maturity agreement with $1,000 starting investment. Larger investments will require extended maturity agreements.